Teaching with Confidence

26 May 2017 / Leave a Comment
How to ditch your self doubts and teach with confidence!
As teachers we are constantly under the microscope. We have our students, their parents, our administrators, and more looking to us to carry out our responsibilities. Don't get me wrong, as teacher's we bear an amazing amount of responsibility which should not be taken lightly, but sometimes these responsibilities become a little crushing and we need a confidence boost. 

By teaching with confidence we show our professionalism, and encourage our students to be confident as well. Confidence does not just appear though, we have to work at it. While confidence is built on a series of successes there are certain elements that are more in our control. 

Fidgets - Yes or No?

01 May 2017 / 2 comments

The latest craze sweeping through classrooms is a spinning fidget toy. It is supposed to be something that will help a child who needs to squirm keep his/her hands busy while still listening to the lesson. I recently saw a discussion on Facebook about these fidgets and it became pretty personal. There were several hundred comments. They ranged from blaming the teachers for not being sensitive to students needs to creative alternatives to the spinning fidgets.


TEACHERS, RELAX...While Building Your Personal Learning Network (PLN)

26 April 2017 / Leave a Comment
Have you begun making your summer plans? Are you taking a fun trip or just relaxing at home? Well, you can still relax this summer while learning and making connections. I have a few tips in building your personal learning network (PLN) while you're relaxing on the beach.

Have you begun making your summer plans? You can build your personal learning network while still relaxing. In this post, I have some tips that will help you continue learning and having fun.


Dear Tired Teacher: Before You Start Thinking of Next Year

23 April 2017 / 1 comment
It seems that as soon as mid-April hits, teachers start fantasizing about what their classroom will be like next year.  We start thinking of all of the ways to improve what we have been doing this year.  We say things like, "Next year, I will always have my attendance in on time" or "I'm going to be so much more organized next year."  Often, this is the time of the year when administration lets you know what you'll be teaching next year but now is not the time to put in a lot of thought of what your fall will look like.


3 Great Reasons to Launch Something New Now

17 April 2017 / Leave a Comment
3 reasons to start new things at the end of the school year
Launch the new now? What? Why would I want to start something new at the end of the school year? Well, I have 3 great reasons that the end of the school year is the perfect time to start something new in your classroom.

Encouraging Words for Testing Season

14 April 2017 / Leave a Comment
Testing can be difficult for so many, but encouraging words can help us all make it through this tough time!

For most of us, testing season is here. It's tough on everyone, but we can make it through with just a little help and motivation!


The Reading And Writing Connection Made Easy

09 April 2017 / Leave a Comment
Spring is here, and this post includes lesson ideas following the format shared in the best selling book, Writers are Readers by Lester Laminack. Includes freebie. Best for grades 2-4

Have you heard of the book, Writers Are Readers by Lester Laminack? If you haven't, it is one to put on your to-read list. It is all about the reading-writing connection, and the great thing about it is that each chapter explains how to model a reading skill with a mentor text and flip the learning to writing with the same text. It is a great way to help students recognize how text structures, signal words, and story events are used to understand texts, but also how students can use these structures to help the readers of their own writing.

Types of Lines Geometry Project Your Students Will Love

29 March 2017 / 2 comments
Parallel lines, perpendicular lines, intersecting lines...so many types of lines! If these terms are part of your Geometry unit then you HAVE to try out this FUN and FREE project I created when I taught 3rd grade.
Your students will LOVE this Geometry project that covers the three types of lines: parallel lines, perpendicular lines and intersecting lines. This is a great way to combine art and math! Come grab this FREE activity.

7 Civics Lessons for Elementary Students

26 March 2017 / 1 comment
7 civics lessons that will foster your students desires to be an active member of their community and pursue their passions.
It is important that as teachers we impart upon our students essential skills for being an active citizen in their community. Through these seven civics lessons that can be shared with our elementary students they can begin to blossom into active citizens with their own opinions and passions.

Solutions For Spring Fever

23 March 2017 / Leave a Comment
Solutions For Spring Fever
Are you feeling it yet?  Spring fever hits most of us at some point as we head into the final stretch of the school year.  Morale often takes a dip as teachers feel the pressures of testing season, spring conferences, and the mad dash to make sure we have covered all of our standards.
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