Celebrating Earth Day Fun Reading, Singing and Writing

20 April 2015 / Leave a Comment
Hi Friends, I'm Sarah Tharpe Winchell from Teaching Resources for the Classroom with some ideas for celebrating Earth Day. I am glad to be part of the blogging team at Classroom Tested Resources!
I love to integrate music and art whenever I can in the classroom. This little book and song from www.starfall.com is perfect for integrating music and science. Starfall has been around for awhile and it has excellent resources. I use it quite a bit in my classroom. The children love the graphics and teachers love that the Starfall uses proven teaching strategies. I have been using the Earth Day Book with my class for several years. This little book is more than reading. There is an interactive part as well.
Earth Day
This part of the book is interactive. The children sort the paper, plastic and glass into the correct can.
As they sort the trash in the cans the animals begin returning to the forest! The children especially liked this part. They were cheering when the animals started to returning!
The best part of the book is the song that goes with it! It is to the tune of "Shortening Bread" You don't have to remember the tune it sings the song for you! Just click on the picture. The text for the song appears below the picture.
earth day song
You can also print the words by clicking on the printer. The words are printed out and there is a writing space for the children. Find the Earth Day Book and Song on Starfall.com.

You can grab a writing freebie with ideas for Earth Day Writing Activities at  
Enjoy your Earth Day!



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