A Month of Writing and Thinking Prompts (A Forever Freebie)

15 May 2015 / Leave a Comment

Hey Everyone - it's me again, Kathleen from Not So Wimpy Resources, LLC!

As the school year is winding down, I have to admit- I am super busy on the outside but my brain is screaming for a long nap on the inside. We are finally done state testing but for whatever reason, things still seem super hectic. Every time I turn around something is due and/or something is popping up on the school calendar (talent show tomorrow evening, PD on Tuesday, SLO's due Wednesday.....). I figured if you are as busy as I am, you might like this writing prompt calendar that can be used in a variety of ways. A Month of Writing and Thinking Prompts can be used for homework, a reading/writing center, an after lunch cool down....a time filler as you attempt to pack up your room! The choice is yours : ) Click here to download this forever freebie. I hope you find this helpful when planning your lessons in the next few weeks.

Talk to you soon,


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