End of the School Year for Upper Elementary: A Memory Book FREEBIE

10 May 2015 / Leave a Comment
I hope May has found you 1)ready to take on this final stretch of instructional days and 2)with some peace of mind that your students have had an AMAZING year because of YOU!

I find that the end of the school year can be a BLUR!  There always seems to be so much to do and not nearly enough hours in each day. In addition to the teaching that is still to be done, there are report cards to complete, award assemblies to prepare for, promotion ceremonies, classroom close-out lists to prepare for administrators to sign, data to record, and the list goes on...Forget about any tasks you may have taken on for your own children in their classrooms...this time of year is N-U-T-T-Y!

Somehow it ALL always gets finished, but I truly find the end of the year to be a hurricane of the month of May that I get swooped up into and set down safely by June 1st.  I am certain you can relate! 

To make your life a bit easier in the midst of these last school days,  I have a FREEBIE that I want to share.
I find my 6th graders to be particularly sentimental and WILD, at the end of our year together.  These are the final days of their elementary school career and they are headed off to become 7th grade middle school students.  These last days of elementary school are exciting and tricky as they are ready to be "bigger" kids and move onto their summer vacation.  I get it because I am ready too!  In order to keep them productive and engaged, I like to end my year with this memory book that each student can complete and take as a keepsake of their school year.  It is print and go AND ink-friendly, two things all of us are needing at this point in the year!  Click the above image to grab this, your students will love it as well!

Students can use markers, gel pens, colored pencils, or just a writing utensil to complete!
This fun, 10-page memory journal resource will have your students reflecting for hours!
While you may be exhausted at this point and without an ounce of any more energy to give, know that you are very close to the finish line!  Best of luck as you wind down this school year!

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