FUN Ideas for the End of the Year

12 May 2015 / 1 comment
As the year comes to an end,
I'm getting some activities ready that I love doing year after year.

* Stuffed Animal Day
On the last day of school, I need something to keep everyone busy.
So, I created a day in which everyone brings a stuffed
animal to school.  We measure them and write stories about them.
The last day is a full day and this keeps us busy for some time.
Yes, those kids are working quietly on the last day of school!!

* Let The Kids Pick Their Seats
I have the kids write down three people
that they would like to sit next to for the remainder
of the school year.  I guarantee them one of the three.

* Write Thank You Notes to School Personnel
We write thank you notes to the school secretaries,
custodians, nurses and lunchroom supervisors.

* ABC Activity
Each student gets a letter of the alphabet.
They need to write and draw about something
we did during the school year that begins with that letter.
I like to hang the pictures up on my bulletin board
at the start of the following school year.
It's a bit of a preview for the new class.

The kids love having no homework the last week of school!

* Research Schools Around the World
We research to find out what the school day 
is like for children around the world. 
I've even created a freebie for this activity!

What are some fun ways you end the school year?

1 comment:

  1. I like the idea of researching schools around the world! I think my students would be intrigued by this. Thanks for sharing. Have a great end of the year!

    A Very Curious Class


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