Fun With Off-The-Wall Holidays!

17 May 2015 / 1 comment
Silly ideas are magic. I love bringing humor into a normal day with off-the-wall, unique & silly holidays. What fun way to lighten the mood in your classroom!
Today is "Pack Rat Day". While this may not be a holiday that sounds like fun, it has special significance to me. My family is in the process of moving and I definitely qualify as a pack rat!! I save tons of crafty stuff (or junk, as my husband calls it), because I can see the potential inside the can, box, knick-knack, etc. To celebrate "Pack Rat Day", I decided to go through my multitude of boxes and downsize before we have to move it all. This is a huge task and perfect for Pack Rat Day.

As we look at the rest of May and into June, there are a ton of fun and unique holidays just waiting to be celebrated. You can find the entire list here. I wanted to share a few of my favorites:

May 20- Be A Millionaire Day
May 23- Lucky Penny Day
May 27- Sunscreen Day
May 29- Learn About Composting Day
May 30- Water a Flower Day
June 1- Flip a Coin Day
June 3- Repeat Day, Repeat Day
June 5- National Doughnut Day
June 8- Best Friends Day
June 15- Smile Power Day
June 23- National Pink Day
June 26- Forgiveness Day
June 29- Camera Day
I put together a few quick and easy games to play on "Flip a Coin" Day or "Lucky Penny Day". You can pick them up here for FREE!

I've included an anchor chart with the parts of a penny.
"Flipping For Fun" is a no prep game that is tons of fun. Kids will play with a partner. They flip a penny and move their way around the game board. It is a fun way for kids to get acquainted with the two sides of a penny. I've included color and black & white.
There is one more game that kids can play alone or with a partner. All you need is the graph, a penny, and a crayon! They will flip a coin 10 times, identify heads or tails, and document their findings on the graph.
 I've included a graph with and without penny images in each space.
 When kids play with a partner, they can compare graphs and discuss their findings.
Thanks for joining me today. I hope you found some fun and wacky holidays to share with your kids!

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