Using "Minute to Win It" in your Classroom!

07 May 2015 / Leave a Comment
Hey Everyone! It is Cassie from Funky in Fourth. We are nearing the end of the school year. Sometime in May I always have my Summer Birthday Extravaganza. We celebrate all our summer birthdays, all in one day! I send a little note home with my summer birthday kids asking for donations for our party. Most of my parents are able to provide something for the afternoon.

When the day arrives, it is time to celebrate! Of course we have to sing happy birthday to all of the summer birthday kids. Then it is game time! The best classroom games I have found are from Minute to Win It. (In case you have no idea what I am talking about... it is a TV game show.) For this extravaganza we moved all of our chairs and pushed our trapezoid tables together to make large tables. My girls decided to sit (kneel) at one and the boys at the other.

If you search on YouTube you can find some great Minute to Win It blueprints for games. Basically it tells a quick fact or two and then gives the directions on how to play the game. Click here to check out a whole channel full of the blueprints! I show the directions on our projector and then pull up a 60 second timer (also a video). Materials are handed out and you are ready for the most entertaining 60 seconds ever! Some of the games we did as a whole class all at once, some of them we took turns depending on what materials they required.

Here are a few pictures of my students playing the games!
They laugh, cheer each other on, sigh and most of all they have fun! It was a great way to spend our afternoon. Then we enjoyed a quick treat and out to the buses we went. The afternoon went so fast and I know they will remember it for years to come. Plus, I got a few laughs too!

The games we played are:
A Bit Dicey
Caddy Stack
Noodling Around
Nose Dive
Face the Cookie (not pictured)

Of course, you can't play the games just once! We played each of them a few times!! Their skills definitely improved as the game went on and it was fun to see them try to do all of them!

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