A Lesson Planning Sheet to Use For Any Subject

27 June 2015 / Leave a Comment
 Lesson Planning Sheet
I love this planning sheet. It helps me plan out lessons and stay organized too. The planning sheet can be used for any subject. If I'm planning a unit on fractions, I add the standard, objective, or the curriculum number at the top. I list all the materials I need for that lesson and make a list of vocabulary words that go along with it. Then, in the lesson area I bullet out or make a list of how I'm going to implement the lesson. I might add the steps and procedures or I might add a few notes on the key ideas that I want to stress to the students. In the Practice/Center section, I add the worksheets I'll need or the page number I want the students to complete. The integration part can entail something I want to do in the Computer Lab or maybe a book that would go with the lesson. I add the pre and post assessment or even an activity I want to close with. Finally, I add the homework or the page number that goes with the lesson. Then I attach all worksheets or items to the Lesson Plan Worksheet. Everything for that lesson is neatly stored in a file folder or  3-ring notebook. It makes it easier to plan the following year.
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