Easy & Organized?! Yes, Please!!

07 June 2015 / 5 comments

We've all been there...your rushing and can't find the materials for the next lesson. Panic no more! This system is easy enough that your students can help you.

You will need 1 folder for each subject you teach in a day. For example, I teach 4 subjects that require materials on Monday. I have 1 green folder for each of the 4 subjects. Do this for Monday through Friday. Next, take all of the folders for one day and label them for the different subjects. Put them in a magazine holder and move on to the next day. It should only take 5 to 10 minutes and your system is done!

The only thing left to do is fill your folders with whatever materials you need for your daily lessons. I love being able to come back from the copier stick them in the correct folder and never have to worry about where I put them or materials getting lost on my desk. 

Students can help! 
*Teach students how and where to file upcoming materials. 
*Students can be responsible for going and getting the materials for the next lesson or subject.

Hope this system helps you stay sane during the hectic school year!


  1. I love this simple idea! I also love your room! So bright and clean...I'm still in school and am in the middle of plays and creations...it's a little messy! Thanks for this idea.

  2. Thanks Susan! Of course this picture was taken at the beginning of the year....a bit messier now!

  3. Great idea! I do the same thing for each of my groups. I like that the bins are actually labled, ha,ha. That is something I need to do!

  4. I've been teaching for 15 years and still hadn't found the solution to this problem until now! Thank you so very kindly!

  5. Awesome idea! I am constantly looking for ways to better organize in my room. Thank you. -amy


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