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22 June 2015 / 10 comments
Hey there it's Julie from Second Grade Surprises!!!  Now that I've had a week to decompress from the end of school I've started to think about Back to School.  One of my favorite things about second grade is that the kids are independent enough to participate in daily reading and math stations without total chaos!  I love creating new stations throughout the year but try to create most of them in the summer before school starts.  One of the first things I do to get ready is to make these cute little station sticks.  Some people think I'm crazy but I love to draw stitching and faces,
add wiggly eyes and different colored bows. 
I have been making them for almost 20 years now---always in the summer!!
I use these sticks to group kids in several different ways---including reading and writing ability.  It also makes it very easy to switch them to new groups based on any data collected at various points throughout the year.  Here is what it looks like when they are all in groups. 
Now it comes to the six main Reading Stations.  Each one is a main station but there are differentiated activities with in each station to meet varying levels. 
Station 1-Reading Table
This is the table where I conduct guided reading.  We read selections at each group's instructional reading level.  We practice fluency as well as close reading for comprehension.  We respond to the reading with various response activities including writing.  We also use Reading Buddy Talk Bubbles to respond to reading selections.
Station 2-Library
Students move to this station to read independently books of their choice.  Simple book reports are completed as well as their reading response logs.
Student 3-Roll and Write Center
This is my favorite one!!  I have created writing centers for each month.  My kids love these centers and it solves the question "What do I write about?"  Here is fun freebie to get you started with your own  Roll & Write Center Happy Birthday Roll & Write!  Students use dice to roll a character, roll a setting, and roll a plot to create really fun stories to share with the class.  Hint--Have students roll their dice in a plastic tray (from frozen dinners lined with foam) for quiet rolling.
Station 4-Word Work
This station is a fun one for everyone!  Students choose from so many fun games and activities to reinforce phonics skills and word patterns.  One of the many games I use includes this fun one to practice blends.  Enjoy this fun freebie!!
Station 5- Boggle
I use this station each week to practice making spelling and vocabulary words with the letters given on the Boggle Board.  My kids make as many words as they can in the time allotted and then use those words in sentences. 
Station 6-Computers
This station is of course self explanatory-LOL!!  My kids love Reading Eggs, Raz Kids, and Accelerated Reader---all of which they must choose during reading stations!!! 
Whew!!!  That was a very quick and abbreviated rundown of our reading stations!!  The Boggle signs and letters  as well as the station signs can be found by clicking on Classroom Signs and Designs
Looking forward to the next time we talk which will be after Vegas!!!


  1. As Julie's co-worker, I can attest to her amazingly run reading stations! She is someone many of us look to for advice and ideas in this area! :) Nice post, Julie. I will check out your Freebies!

  2. Aw thanks Jen!! Love you and the shout out!!

  3. Do you have the reading buddy talk bubbles in your tpt store? If so, could you attach the link? Thank you! Great tips!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I added the Reading Buddies link to the blog post. Thanks for your interest!!

  4. I am putting your talk bubbles in my cart tonight, my friend! Can't wait to meet you in Vegas!
    Stories and Songs in Second

    1. Thank you so much Jennifer!!! I can always count on you!! I am so looking forward to meeting you too!! Glad we have CTR in common :)

  5. I love it Julie! Perfect example of what centers should be! Can't wait to buy!
    Tania :)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Oh Tania---Thank you so much!!! I appreciate you kind words!!!


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