It's Back to School Fun!! and a FREEBIE

22 July 2015 / Leave a Comment

 Hi everyone this is Julie from Second Grade Surprises.  I am back from Vegas and the TpT Conference and am ready for some Back to School Fun!!  If you're looking for some games for Back to School I have a couple to keep your kids busy!!  The first one is an oldie but a goodie!!!  You'll only need the game board, chips, and a die.  Directions are on each game board.

                                  Grab your FREE copy of  the Apples in a Basket game!!

The next one is a "bump" game.  Who doesn't love bump?  Once you teach the game to your kids they know how to play it for the rest of the year.   I put out a new one each month starting with adding to 10 and gradually increasing in difficulty throughout the year. This one is Back to School Bump.  Directions are on each game board.

                                                                Back to School Bump

Check back next month for so many more math games, games, games!! 
Happy Back to School Season!!


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