Preparing for the Home and School Connection

08 July 2015 / Leave a Comment
This summer I have taken time to reflect on ways to establish a solid connection with my families. Research and experience have proven this an invaluable way to support our students emotionally and academically.

Parents often feel alienated from schools.  They may have had a bad experience while they were in school, or an unfortunate school based experience with their own child.  By opening our classroom doors and welcoming families, we gain valuable allies.  It is important to provide a method of two-way communication.  This communication is not the school informing the parent, rather is is an ongoing communication in which both parties share valuable information.

One way to build this relationship is through daily communication with families.  This summer I decided to ditch the ragged, torn, and dirty take home folders.  I am going to put together binders for each student.  Binders will be more durable, organized, and provide multiple ways for daily communication.

Below are the items I used, minus the page protectors and a one inch binder.
I am using a one inch binder that will be labeled for each individual student.  I found a pack of 8, one inch, white binders for $10.00 at my local Sams Club.  I chose these Avery page tabs because they were colorful, had a large space for labeling, and they are made of a heavy plastic.  I am only using two per child.  I found all of the materials, even the individual white binders, at Wal-Mart.

I decided to give it a cute acronym, H.O.T.  Which stands for Home Organizational Tool.  These binders should last the entire year and keep my students and families organized throughout the year.

Let's look inside to see what is included!

I like to use Vertex Calendars for free calendars, the excel version is editable.  You can also find cute ones through Teachers Pay Teachers.  You can find this free one by The 2 Teaching Divas by clicking HERE.

You can grab a set of editable binder covers and spines in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store. Currently they are free!  Simply click {HERE}.

I'd love to hear ways you provide communication with your families!


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