Preparing for the inevitable.

11 July 2015 / Leave a Comment

I know, I know, it is only July.  But if you are anything like me, I started thinking about the upcoming school year at the end of the last school year!
I always have plenty of ideas of things to change, things to keep, and things that I would like to buy.
I also have a huge list of things to do!  It's hard not to think about the possibilities when you classroom looks like this:

So, for years I kept a school idea journal.  I made it pretty and kept it on me at all time.  I LOVE notebooks, like I am obsessed with blank notebooks, so this worked well for me for a time.
Of course, this is back when I had extra time to make them pretty.

I made and stuck the year plan in the front.

and of course, it had a calendar for the year.  A friend made these.  They got cut apart and glued into the notebook.
Seems pretty simple and it was!  Problem was, that I also needed to carry around a separate notebook for blogging ideas, product ideas,  and a calendar to keep up with my home life and my cyber life.
It was just too much for me to keep up with!  
So this year, I decided to consolidate.  I bought a life planner (which so far I LOVE).
I plan to keep everything in one planner instead of several.

Erin Condren, Planner box, Preparing for the inhabitable, Primary Planet
It came in this gorgeous box.

Preparing for the inevitable, planner cover, Primary Planet
I got to personalize the cover.

Life Planner inside layout

It has spaces for morning, midday, and night.  I am using the boxes for Me, School, and Cyber.
It also has monthly calendars with tabs, plenty of space for writing notes, a built in storage pouch, and it can be all kinds of personalized!

So, this year planning for the inevitable (the kiddos are coming, the kiddos are coming).  It will all be in one neat, beautiful, compact space!  Hurrah!

How do you prepare for the upcoming school year?

I am not affiliated in any way with Erin Condren, I just love her planners!

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