Summer Learning Through Play

04 July 2015 / 3 comments
Happy Independence Day!

So, I am halfway through my summer, which has been busy for me!  I love summer time because it gives me time to relax and have some fun.  But, what about my kids?  They love it because it gives them time for learning through play.

I am not a teacher mom who has my kids doing something every minute of the day.  They need time to learn and explore the world on their own.  Since I want some time to sit back and relax, here is what I observe my children learning.

My daughter has had fun finding out how much water it takes to fill a bucket.  This was totally her idea.  She tried different containers each time.  So much fun for a four year old.

My son loves swimming in the pool.  He swam across the pool and had me count the length ~ 12 seconds.  Then he swam the width ~ 5 seconds.  He surmised that the length is probably close to twice the width.  Smart thinking for an almost 11 year old.

I also just send them outside while I sit on the patio and enjoy a good book.  They explore the woods, bringing me flowers.  They play on the swing set, learning to swing and pretending to be super heroes or pirates.

The neighborhood kids even spend so much time figuring out how they can all fit in the tree!

And now that we have a dog, they are working together to figure out how to get him to do tricks like sitting and fetching.

Learning through play gives children a sense of pride as they take over and find that what they know can go a long way.

So, let go, and let your children learn through their own play this summer!


  1. Kids learn so much playing outside instead of always being plugged into devices, including the television. Glad to see how much fun your family is having this summer.

    1. So true! They have done so much more than this, and have loved every minute of the fun.


  2. I agree whole-heartedly kids learn so much more through play! Now we just need to let go and let kids learn through play at school, as well.


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