To Tweet or Not to Tweet

14 July 2015 / 3 comments

To Tweet or Not To Tweet?... that is the question.

Should we teachers really be spending our precious time on this social platform that seems to be taking over the world- or the Twitterverse?

I say, "Tweet!" And I will shout it from the school-tops! Educators should be on Twitter! This is my most favorite way to participate in professional development ...from my couch.

About 9 months ago I started my first Twitter account: @techcrazyteachr. The first thing I did was, of course, send out a no one. Ha! I then started picking people and accounts to follow. I quickly discovered that this was where the hidden value in Twitter was for educators. I felt that I had struck gold. All of a sudden I had hundreds of articles, resources, and websites at my fingertips. My feed was filled with educational resources that could help me become a better teacher. All I had to do was browse my feed and click the links!

This is professional development at its most basic- you trying to improve yourself. You go out there and "mine" the Twitter feeds for information that is relevant to you and your classroom.  It is better than a Google search!  Here's why- I am following people with common educational interests, and they are Tweeting articles they have previously screened and squeezed out of a Google search. They have already done my work for me! And I have a convenient 140 character Tweet synopsis of the article or resource to decide if I want to check it out or not.

Educators are VERY present on Twitter. Just like Pinterest, we know a good thing when we see it! Twitter, as a social networking platform, is helping teachers build a digital Professional Learning Network. Our Network is made up of ever-changing groups of educators. We can share what we know and learn from our connections at the same time. We can now connect with teachers from around the globe to better ourselves, our students, and our profession.

I am going to share some links that will help get you started down your Twitter road.

The WHY: Twitter for Professional Development

The HOW: Twitter Guides 

Are you ready to get your Tweet on? How have you been using Twitter? The summer is a great time to try new things, and Twitter should be top of your list!


  1. I love, love, LOVE Twitter!! It's an amazing collab/PD/connection to other educators around the world! It's my favorite social media platform for educators!
    @teachlovechange on Twitter/Instagram/Periscope

    1. I love it, too! I was already following @techcrazyteachr and I just started following you. It's always great to find more teachers to add to my PLN on social media! :) @TTH_Melissa
      ~ Melissa

    2. So glad that you are on Twitter! I love it as well! I just followed you @teachlovechange. Love the teach, love, and change part by the way!


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