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02 August 2015 / Leave a Comment

Do you use learning games in your classroom? They are great for capturing and keeping students' attention. When we make learning fun, kids don't have to struggle to keep focused.

Games offer opportunities to add movement into the school day. Research suggests that getting students moving is vital to their minds and bodies. I love adding movement into our activities, especially into math. 

Race to the number line is a favorite in my classroom. For this activity, we break up into 2 teams. The goal is to get all of the number cards and tens frames arranged in the correct order at the other side of the classroom the fastest. I call out different gross motor activities or movements that the students have to do as they bring the materials down to the other side of the room to complete the challenge. Students LOVE it and you can easily adapt it to whatever skill you are working on. 

One of my favorite (non-motor) games to use in class is Language BINGO. There are so many different ways you can adapt this game to cover multiple skills at once. My students need a lot of practice on vocabulary, feature, function and class of items, so that is what we focus on.

The game cards come in different levels so I can easily hand out the appropriate cards to each group without any extra prep. The cards are self-checking, so students can run and play the game without help. This helps me have fun learning games going on while I pull students one on one or in small groups.

Click HERE for more information on the language BINGO games.

Have an idea for making learning fun? Leave a comment so we can all learn!


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