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23 August 2015 / Leave a Comment
The first week of school is always filled with an assortment of getting to know you activities. There are so many fantastic ideas that I often have a hard time choosing which ones I want to try.  This year during an Inquiry PD meeting I got an inspiration for something new.  I tried it and it was a huge hit and worked even better than I had hoped!

Instead of introducing myself to my students and telling them a bit about myself, I had the students ask me what they wanted to know about me.  We had a brief discussion on appropriate questions and I gave each student an index card to write down their question.

Students placed their questions in glass jar I had on my teaching table and then at different times throughout the first few days I pulled questions and answered them.  We all loved it.  The kids enjoyed it when their question got pulled and surprisingly there were not too many duplicate questions.  I got questions from what's my favorite book to where do I like to vacation and all sorts of other things!  It was a fun way to share a little bit about myself while allowing the students to drive the conversation.  I did tell them that if they asked something I didn't want to share I would simply not read the question, but I didn't have to do that as all the question were great.

So find a jar or a basket and some index cards and give it a shot this year!  So simple and fun!

If you are still looking for some additional getting to know you activities for your students I've got some FREE exit tickets that can also be used as a scavenger hunt along with some other great back to school activities in my store.  Be sure to check them out and good luck with the new school year!

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