Getting to Know You Mini Missions!

11 August 2015 / Leave a Comment

Hello all!  It's Hilary from Primary Planet (formerly know as Second Grade is Out of This World!).  I wanted to tell you about a fun way to get your kiddos up and out of their seats to work on meeting and getting to know their new classmates!
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Getting to Know You Mini Missions!

Each "misson" is on a double sided half sheet of paper and requires the kiddos to get out of their seats and go talk to their new classmates!
Here is an example:

The "mission" is to find 3 friends, write their names, and color the crayons with their favorite color.  Then, write a sentence and draw a picture on the back about on of the friends that you talked to!
Easy, simple, and fun!
It also comes with a fun craftivity to really get your kiddos into the spirit of going on a mission!

back to school, getting to know you, detective

If you think that this might be something that you would like to try, you can find it HERE!
Thanks so much for stopping by!


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