Math Games Galore--FREEBIE!!!

22 August 2015 / 2 comments

Hi Everyone!!  I am just finishing my first week of school and boy am I wiped out!!  I am also beginning the 30th year of teaching!!!  My new second graders are the sweetest little ones!!!  They are very energetic but I am enjoying them so much!!!  I have been introducing one math station a day and my kids are doing a great job!!!  So that brings me to the topic of this blog post.....

Dice Game Tips

I am crazy about dice games---not crazy about the sound of the die hitting the table or floor though! To solve this problem I had to eat many frozen lunches just to save these handy trays--LOL.  I filled each tray with a foam cut out and it makes a quiet tray for rolling dice.  I also teach my kids that if the die comes out of the tray you lose a turn!!! 

Back to School Bump

One of the first games I taught my kids this week is Back to School Bump!!  The great thing about "Bump" is that once you teach the basic game the kids can play it all year!!  You can change the theme and increase the skill level but the basic game play stays the same!!!

Directions for play:

Each player gets a stated number of the same colored chip.  Players take turns rolling the dice, adding the 2 numbers, and covering the number with a chip.  Players can "bump" each other off a number until it is covered with two of the same colored chip.  The first player to use all of their chips wins the game!!

 Click link to grab your FREE copy of Back to School Bump.

 To play bump all year check out my Mega Bump Bundle!!

 Race to 25 Cents

The next game is a very simple game called Race to 25c.  It is a very basic game of rolling the die, gathering pennies and then trading pennies to nickels, nickels to dimes, and finally dimes and nickels to quarters.  I use a four compartment tray with a circle in the middle to roll the die.  As the year goes the difficulty increases to Race to 50c and then to Race to $1.00!!

Money Wizards

 The last game I taught my kids this week is Money Wizards Coin Combinations to $2.00!!  I use this game as a magnetic math center on the front of my desk. I use magnetic coins and add magnetic tape to the back of the task cards.  My kids love that it's a magnetic game!!! Click on the link to check out this fun game!!  Money Wizards

Until next month.... I hope you enjoy playing math games galore!!!


  1. I love the idea of adding the foam to the lunch container! I have a TON of those little black dishes and now I have a new use for them! Love the games! Thanks for the great ideas.

  2. I am glad you like the tray idea!! It really does make it quieter when everyone is playing a game!! Thanks for the kind feedback.


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