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13 August 2015 / Leave a Comment

Hi Friends,
     This is Sarah Winchell from from Science is for Kids. As promised I am bringing you a fun and simple science activity.  You need flexible straws, a pair of scissors and your lungs!

This activity is a great addition to your balance and motion units...but it also a fun science trick. You know.... the kind you can amaze your kids with. I promise you they will all watch you when you try it. They will think you are even cooler than you already are...they will tell their parents you are an awesome teacher. ( I already know this about you!) It works as a great STEM problem solving activity as well.

I use my scissors to clip one of the straws so it slides into the other straw. You don't have to use scissors but I think it is a good idea when you are preparing the activity for kids. Sometimes they accidentally crush the straw and air needs to pass through the straws for the Straw Spinner to work.

One end of the straw goes in your mouth! Make sure the other end is pointed the other way. I have a video to show you how it works. Be kind!! This video was taken after a full day of working in my classroom. 

Check out how the Straw Spinner works by clicking here

The kids can experiment with the straw length and by pointing the bottom straw in different directions.  It only spins when a force is applied and that force must be moving air! 

Give it a try and let me know how it goes for you!

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Sarah Winchell
Science is for Kids
Science is for Kids



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