Are you drowning in paperwork yet--teacher time saver tips----FREEBIE!!!

22 September 2015 / Leave a Comment

Oh my goodness we are just a month in to school and yes I am drowning in paperwork, student and school data, papers to grade, schedules to keep, and the list goes on and on and on.......  I am a huge believer in staying organized--- but it's hard to maintain during busy school days!!  It helps to build in a great system to start with and for it to be easy to maintain throughout the year!!  Hopefully you will take a few ideas from this post to help with this monumental task!!!  First, I am a HUGE fan of organizing my materials in binders.  So I made these adorable binder covers using the fabulous Melonheadz clip art!!  I just had to have Lucy Doris!!

                           These are what they look like on the bookshelf behind my desk!!

If you're interested check out the Teacher Binder Covers here!!
I also use these notebooks to stay organized with all the materials I'll need for the week!!  For example all my reading materials for the week are stored in one notebook!!
 I use a notebook with 30 tabs for 30 stories!!
 If you're a second grade teacher using Journeys you might like to try these
One of the most useful tools I have found for staying organized is the use of 
3 drawer cabinets for sorting, grading, and filing.  These drawers help me so much for putting things in the right place to save for later!!
  Please grab your FREE copy of these Classroom Bin Labels!
One last thing to help our classroom stay organized is the use of the 3 drawer mini cabinets to sort lost crayons or find a real color that students need to complete their work!
Grab your FREE copy of Crayon Drawer Labels here!
I hope that you find something useful in this post. 
 Happy organizing!!!




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