Awesome Autumn: Pumpkin Time!

29 October 2015 / 2 comments

Autumn has always been my favorite season.  I am a southern girl so I usually say fall instead of autumn.  I always think of pumpkins when I think of fall.  Pumpkins are fun for class activities and family traditions.  I am going to share some of my favorite pumpkin activities with you.

Putting candy in this pumpkin jar has been our family tradition since my son was in elementary school. Even though he is now married and lives in another state, bringing out this jar brings back fond memories of his childhood for me.

 A trip to a pumpkin patch is a perfect fall outing whether it is for a class trip or your family.   Pumpkin patches abound in the fall season.  You should be able to find one nearby for a fun fall outing for your family or your class.

Pumpkin Book

I always love an opportunity to share books with little learners. There are many books about fall and pumpkins.  Here is a great one that incorporates some science into your pumpkin activities.

5 Little Pumpkins Craftivity

I can’t let fall pass without doing 5 Little Pumpkins Sitting on the Gate with my little learners.  This fingerplay/rhyme can be used to address counting to 5, ordinal numbers, and rhyming words.  You can get creative and extend your activities to address skip counting by fives if you have a display with several students’ 5 Little Pumpkins artwork or craftivities. 

Here is a simple 5 Little Pumpkins craftivity to do with your little learners.

I used black foam sheets, but you can substitute black construction paper or felt. I used a full sheet, but a half sheet per student will work.

Cut the color circle labels apart as shown above.  Each student will get a strip of 5 orange circle labels. (Reserve the other colors for future projects.)

Learners draw faces on their 5 pumpkins with a fine tipped marker.  (My apologies for the glare in the photo. I think the glossy label sheet backing is the culprit.)

Give each learner 8 craft sticks.   Have them count out 5 sticks and glue them in place vertically on the black foam. They use the remaining 3 craft sticks and glue in place to make the bracing for the gate as shown in the picture above.

When the gate is completed, learners put a pumpkin at the top of each vertical craft stick.

A Pumpkin FREEBIE !!!

I always love to share FREEBIES, so here is a pumpkin freebie for your class.  It works well with the pumpkin book mentioned earlier.

Most of you know by now that I love “Roam the Room” activities.  I especially like this Add the Room activity.  Instead of just copying and solving the equations, learners count the seeds on each pumpkin to determine the addition equations. 

I hope you and your learners enjoy this pumpkin freebie!

Pumpkin Themed Addition Centers Bundle

It’s a Pumpkin Palooza!!! This bundle offers enough pumpkin themed addition activities to keep your little learners engaged throughout the fall season.   This resource is suitable for classrooms and learners who DO NOT celebrate Halloween.  The pumpkin graphics are fall themed.  No Jack-o-lanterns or other Halloween items are included in the pumpkin graphics.

Here are a couple of examples of the activities included in this resource.

Friends of 10 Addition Clip Cards 

Domino Add the Room


I hope you have an Awesome Autumn with your learners and your family! Or, as we say in the south…

Happy Fall, Y’all!!!


  1. Wow, Tami! What a wonderful post! Thanks for all of these fabulous ideas.

  2. ... and a Happy Fall to you, too! Enjoyed your post, Tami!


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