Fall for Geography

18 October 2015 / Leave a Comment
Happy fall, ya'll!  It's Nicole from Learning Lab again.  39+ weeks pregnant and so ready to meet this little love!

What do autumn and geography have in common?  Well, most of the time geography is the first unit taught in social studies, no matter what grade you teach so it happens to be taught in autumn.
One of my favorite and most visually pleasing activities is to create balloon globes with my students.  They look wonderful hanging from the ceiling during open house.  The kids love creating them and their parents love looking at them.  It is the perfect culmination to a world geography unit or review.

Last year, somebody purchased my Balloon Globes product, but instead of using balloons, they were creative and used pumpkins.  How fun?!?  I kept that idea in the back of my head because I knew I wanted to try it!

I am home with my kids waiting for my third baby to be born any day so today I made my own pumpkin globe.  I think it looks great and my kids loved learning about the continents.  My 4-year-old daughter suggested that my belly could also be turned into a globe.  I'll spare you that image and just show you our pumpkin globe.
Pumpkins would be pretty  expensive to use with your entire class and I just LOVE the way the balloon globes look on dark blue balloons.  The kids always do such a nice job putting their globes together.  

Here are some tips for success:

* Start your globes a few days before you want them to be finished.  It takes awhile for the kids to color and cut out everything.  

*  Ziplock bags help keep your students organized.  They can store their already cut pieces in the bags.

*  Blow up the balloons the day you want to display them.  This will cut back on popped or deflated balloons.  

*  The North Pole is where you tie the balloon (or the top of your pumpkin).  If your students cut out the center of the North Pole circle, you can slip it over the knot and string.  

*  Use regular white glue instead of a glue stick or tape.  

Thanks for stopping by today!  Next time I see you guys, I will have three babies!  I cannot believe it!

Have a great rest of your October!


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