Free Plural Noun Poster

27 November 2015 / Leave a Comment
 Free Plural Noun Poster
Do Plural Nouns and all their rules drive you and your students crazy? Well not any more! Here is a FREE poster to help keep all the rules straight! This list only has the 8 most used rules. This poster will be helpful to students when writing or reading plurals.

Post the poster on a reading or writing bulletin board. Students will have reminders of what to do when adding or changing from a singular noun to a plural noun.

Click the picture to download your freebie.

Students can also have a copy to place in their writing journal or reading folder. When students are working on plurals they will have this plural noun poster in front of them to use as a guide.

When introducing or teaching the rules of plurals, start with one of the rules and teach only one at a time. Then practice this skill by providing games or worksheets. You can also have students search the story they are reading for plural nouns. See if they can find the rule that matches the plural they found in their story.  This poster will come in handy when doing so.

 Plural Pack of Games and Worksheets
I have a fun little Plural Pack that has a few games and worksheets to use in 2nd-4th grade classrooms. This pack focuses on the plural ending of -s, -es, -ies, -ves, and irregular. It includes 7 centers/games and 10 worksheets. Students should be familiar with all the rules before diving into this pack. This Plural Pack is a great review and reinforces those rules throughout. Plus the free poster comes in a black and white copy for easy printing.


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