Noun Ninjas!

11 November 2015 / Leave a Comment

"Hurrah! We are learning about nouns today" said NO CLASS EVER!
Well, mine was pretty excited when I told them that we were going to become Noun Ninjas!
You know as elementary teachers that anything you can do to make it fun goes miles!
So!  First, we made our Ninja Masks:

Easy enough!  Pattern, sentence strip, staple...The kiddos ate it up!  Check out that Ninja move!
Then, of course, we started learning about nouns (but we were riveted because we were becoming Noun Ninjas!)
Second Grade Nouns

We did some sorting of types of nouns: people, places, things...
Second Grade Nouns

Next, we used our ninja skills to find nouns in our classroom and identified what a ninja might use those things for!

We had a blast!  The fun will continue with a singular and plural matching game, a collective noun class book, and a Noun Ninja's reference page!  If you are interested in helping your class become Noun Ninja's check it out in my store:

It will be half off until Friday the 13th!
Thanks so much for stopping by!


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