December Festivities and a Freebie!

30 December 2015 / Leave a Comment
December is such an amazing time of year to teach respect, kindness and etiquette! What’s even better is the celebrations and fun that come with this learning. You would have never known we were in the midst of mid-year assessments! Our kiddos were having so much fun, they showed up excited each day which made assessing so much more pleasant. 

December Teacher Celebrations

Instead of doing a fund raiser this year our PTO has decided to raise funds by concentrating on collecting boxtops. A goal was set and a meter was made. It's posted proudly on the gym wall. The kids get so excited to see the bar rise because they know that if they meet small goals along the way that the teachers will celebrate with them. 

Our kiddos set in the gym in the morning if they get to school before 8:05 (which is pretty much everyone) We do morning announcements, star student recognition, and any celebrations we have. As the Boxtop meter continues to climb several of our teachers have volunteered to celebrate by doing something silly!  We've had our kindergarten teacher dressed up like a hot dog and some of the kids got to hose her down with ketchup and relish, our p.e. coach wore a dress all day, our fourth grade teacher let her class do her makeup for the day and our first grade teacher let her class fix her hair. 

Our December celebration was perfect! Our second grade teacher dressed up as Elsa and sang a mixed version of Do You Want to Build a Snowman and Let It Go! Let me just say, it was instant stardom! Her beautiful voice left us all speechless! 

Random Acts of Kindness

The whole month of December was RAcK Month for our second grade. While you could find them doing many kind things like holding doors, picking up trash, and helping their peers or students younger than them, it was their thoughtful acts of taking time out of their day to make and hand out thank you cards for every staff member in our building with a much needed piece of chocolate! Then they invited "heroes" from the community for coffee and doughnuts.   It was awesome to see community members coming in and having our kiddos thank them with breakfast.  However, the most amazing part was watching the kids realize that these "heroes" care enough to come in and celebrate with them!  

Elf on the Shelf Visits CES Plus a Visit from Santa

Our elf wreaked havoc the whole week before Christmas break! We found him hiding in the Christmas tree in the cafeteria, hanging out in the popcorn machine, sitting on the curtain behind the stage watching the Christmas program, and he even took a bite out of the gingerbread man that ran away from the preschool class! 

Kids all the way from preschool to sixth grade come in each morning all in abuzz about where they might find the elf next. Older kids were sharing with younger kids about where they spotted him. They didn't even give it away they just gave clues so they could find it on their own. 

Several of the adults participated in the games by wearing the elf for a day. The first was our cook Mrs. Betty. Elf took a ride in her apron. When the kids would try to tell her she would played along and try to figure out where they were pointing. It was fun to watch the adults play along with the kids.  On our last day, Mr. Bayse our 6th grade teacher let him hitch a ride in his hoodie. Then he got to carol with us in the gym while sitting on Mr. Bayse's leg.

5th Grade Learns Dinner Etiquette and Table Manners

 Our fifth grade class got all dressed up Monday and ate lunch in their classroom, family style. With our busy schedules today, it’s hard to find time to set down and have dinner as a family. Because of this we're finding table etiquette and manners aren't what they used to be. So our fifth grade teachers decided to take some time to show their students how they should behave at the dinner table with their family over Christmas break.  

In Honor of all Our Celebrations I'm Sharing a Freebie with You

Hope your time off is restful and you can use this for your plans when we head back in the new year! 


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