3 Types of Clouds Craft

28 January 2016 / Leave a Comment
Clouds are such a fun science topic to teach!
Especially when you can turn it into a craft!
I'm Rachel from A Tall Drink of Water and I'm sharing with you a fun way to paint types of cloud with a DIY puffy paint!
For this cloud craft you'll need:
Shaving cream
Liquid glue
Construction Paper
Cups or Bowls
Craft Sticks or Spoons
Before passing out the crafting supplies, we watched the video about the 3 types of clouds.
Then we divided our construction paper into 3 parts and labeled.
Next we mixed the shaving cream and liquid glue.
I did not use any exact measurements...I can't even say I used equal parts.
I just squirt some shaving cream and glue in a cup and had the students stir.
You can do this in advance, but I felt my kiddos could handle this part.
Finally, the cloud creations!
They really enjoyed making the cumulus clouds!
Once they dry, you will have puffy clouds!
**Disclaimer: The puffiness only last about 2 days, and then it deflated, but it was still lots of fun!
Do you do any fun crafts when teaching science?


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