Snowman Mitten Mystery

23 January 2016 / Leave a Comment
Still waiting for a Snow Day or have you already had one too many? Take a look as some fun snowman themed activities to break up the long winter days in your classroom whether you are still hoping for some flurries or not!

There are tons of  wonderful snow themed books, but one of my favorites is The Missing Mitten Mystery by Steven Kellogg.  I always love putting activities together based on books and The Missing Mitten Mystery is perfect for winter fun! After reading the story we had several different activity centers to rotate through.  A few of these would work great for those cold winter days when you are stuck inside.

My favorite activity was the directed draw.  Students were given a white sheet of paper with one mitten in the center.  When the drawings were completed each student had created a snowman with a mitten for a heart just like in the book! Here are the steps along with a freebie of the paper we used for you to try it with your students.  The results were fantastic!

Click to Download Directed Draw Freebie

As a part of our Mitten Mystery celebration we asked our students to donate mittens and gloves to be given to our local homeless shelter.  We are always looking for ways to involve our students in service to our community.  This seemed like a perfect way to connect our winter celebration to an act of service. Our second graders were so proud of all they collected!  Next year I think we might make a mitten tree display with the mittens we collect.

We also played game of Snowman Mitten Mystery BINGO. Each snowman had a different style mitten for a heart.  We used our document cameras to shine the BINGO cards we pulled up on the board for students to see if they had a match on their BINGO cards. Our kids always love a good old fashioned game of BINGO.  This would be a great indoor recess activity, and your students could easily run the game themselves.

 Mitten Mystery BINGO

If your planning a winter party building a snowman snack out of powdered donuts similar to those you see below is always a hit!  Pinterest is full of different takes on these easy to make snowman snacks. You would obviously only do this on special occasions in the classroom.

There are so many more fun mitten and snowman ideas you can incorporate, be sure to check out my Winter Fun Board on Pinterest for more creative ideas to use in your classroom this winter!

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