Snowy Fun...Without the Cold!

17 January 2016 / Leave a Comment
 I love to experience winter- only when sitting in front of the fire. I am not a huge fan of cold weather, so I love to think of ideas to play with the idea of snow, rather than the real thing! Here are some quick and easy activities that you can use with your kids to play with "snow".
First, I wanted to share a fun freebie that you can get right here! This game is called "Snowball Fight". It is really just "WAR", but with a snowy twist. I created some snowball pieces that you can use to play the game, numerals 0-50. Choose the numbers that you want and print at least 2 copies of those pages.
You can also play "Snowball Fight" with playing cards.
I also use the cards from my Interactive Play Dough Pack. We play with ten frames, addition sentences, and tally marks; as well as, with numerals. You can see the play dough mat pack in action here.

Get your own FREE copy of the"Snowball Fight" game here
Included with the Free copy of "Snowball Fight", is a blank ten frame that you can use for so many things!
Draw cards 0-10 and have students create the number on the ten frame. Use puff balls, erasers, cotton balls, dry erase, rocks, or anything you choose! We used silvery puff balls. 

If you want ten frames with numerals on them, you can check out my Snowballs Interactive Pack. It has ten frames and numerals, both with a model and without.
 We also used cotton balls with egg carton ten frames. I love using egg cartons, because it makes the ten frame so concrete. See it in action here and get a freebie.
 You can also use cotton ball "snow" for estimating. We made a arctic ocean (a box with a hole in it). Kids will push their hand through a hole in the ice and grab as many ice balls as they can. Before counting, estimate how many ice balls they grabbed.
 Then, count and find the actual number. It is such an easy activity, but so much fun!
 This was an impromptu game that was a total hit! I wrote snow ball sight words on the paper and my daughter took my husband's back scratcher to "shovel" off the snow. She shoveled, read, and wrote.
 It was basically no prep, but grabbed her attention for a long time.
Thanks for checking out some of my snowy ideas! Hope you found something that you can use with your own kids.


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