10 Reasons Your Teacher Friends Are Your Best Friends

18 February 2016 / Leave a Comment
When you are a teacher, your best friends tend to be teachers.

Whether you work together now, used to teach together, or just both have a passion for teaching here are some reasons why teachers make the best friends.

You laugh together

You and your teacher friends can rack up a lifetime's worth of inside jokes each school year.  The kids in your class can provide enough material to keep you laughing for years!

You cry together

Whether it is tears of joy or tears of sadness, you and your teacher friends will share a lot of emotions.  That's what happens when you work with large groups of children.

You spend all of your time together

We get to school early.  We stay late.  We attend trainings together.  We eat lunch together.  

We spend more time with our teacher friends than we do with our own family sometimes!

Sometimes, we even spend our evenings and weekends together!  We just cannot get enough of our teacher friends!

When you are apart, you're still in touch

How many of you are constantly texting with your teacher friends?  Even on my days off, I am having a running dialogue with a few of my teacher besties.  

We share photos of our families.  We share photos of the glass of wine we earned during the week.  We celebrate together with texts when we get a 6am phone call that lets us know there is a snow day!

You speak the same language

Teachers are really great at talking in their own language.  We understand each other.  We can have entire conversations using acronyms alone.  We can even exchange messages using just our eyes from across a classroom!

You complain together

Nobody gets the troubles and stress of being a teacher than another teacher.  Have you tried complaining to your spouse or non-teacher friends about your job?  They just do not get it like your teacher friends do!

You know the key to each other's heart

Whether it is picking up a coffee on the way to work or sharing your secret chocolate stash (we all have one of those), you know exactly what makes your teacher BFF's heart go pitter-patter.

You share your secrets

Your teacher BFF knows more about you than almost anybody else in the world.  She is the first person you tell when you have big news, good or bad.  She knows about your friends and family.  She knows all about your relationships.  You know everything about her life too.

You share interests

Who else can share in your love for flair pens and astrobright paper?  Or a class set of working glue sticks?  How about turkey and gravy day in the cafeteria?  Only your teacher friends can understand!

You support each other

We give each other bathroom breaks.  We share materials.  We print emergency sub plans.  We cover for each other when our meetings run late.  We rescue each other from the extra long parent-teacher conference.  We have each other's backs when we need it.  You help pick up the pieces after a long day.  You help celebrate the great days!

You teacher friends make your job even better than it already is!  Do you have a teacher BFF?   Make sure you give them a shout-out and tell them how much they mean to you!

Until next time, friends... 

This post is dedicated to all of my teacher friends, near and far.  I still keep in close contact with some of my teacher friends years after being separated by several states and several years.  
One of my teacher BFFs, Holly, is going through an extremely difficult time.  We taught together in Buffalo, NY before we both moved away several years ago.  She lives in Florida now with her teacher-husband Brian.  Two years ago, Holly lost her baby girl, Sawyer, when she was a couple days old.  Just last month, Holly and Brian lost their second daughter.  Adelyse was 3 months old.  To help Holly and Brian deal with the financial side of losing both of their daughters, several of my TpT friends helped me put together a fundraiser.  The bundles are great!  You will be blown away by the quality of the resources included.  

The fundraiser runs through the end of February 2016 and all of the money earned will go to Holly and Brian.  Please, check it out.  And be sure to share the link with all of your teacher friends!  


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