Independent Reading Time Ideas

28 February 2016 / Leave a Comment
Today I'm sharing 4 ideas that I use in my classroom that really seem to help our independent reading time run a little more smoothly.  Whether you call it DEAR or SSR or something else...these ideas are sure to help your reading time be more successful!

Special Seating
This is probably my students favorite thing about silent reading time!
We rotate through our reading spots each day.
The special spots can be anything from a rolly chair to a pillow to a spot on the carpet.
Some spots are more coveted than others, but that's half the fun!
Book Boxes
Students have a box to keep 5-7 books they are reading.
They take their boxes to their reading spots each day.  
This prevents students from getting up during our reading time.
Students are not allowed to look for books during independent reading time.
Book Shopping
Students have the chance to go "shopping" for new books 2-3 times per week.
In years past, I've had students only shop once a week.
But giving students the opportunity to shop multiple times per week tends to cut down on students asking to go on days that are not their shopping day. 
The best time I've found to do this in during our morning routine.
Organized Library
Having an organized library helps the book shopping process go quickly.
My students only need about 5 minutes to put all their old books away 
and choose their new books.
These are just simple ways I manage our independent reading time.
If you're interested in the Book Shopping and Reading Spots signs, 
you can check them out in my store here.


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