Literacy is a National Treasure

08 February 2016 / Leave a Comment
I'm kicking off my National Treasures PBL unit next week in celebration of our Nation's Symbols. President's day is a nice connection and transition into this unit!

I always begin my PBL Units with loads of children's literature!  What better way to capture the attention of our students than with quality children's literature!  These are some of my favorite (and just a few) non-fiction titles for teaching National Symbols:

I "tuned" this project with my colleagues and am so excited to launch next Tuesday!  I plan to bring in a "personal treasure" that represents me and make connections to how my treasure symbolizes me!  Of course, the next step is for the kids to bring in a personal treasure of their own! We will discuss symbolism and how each treasure symbolizes each person!  This entry activity will hopefully create some excitement and enthusiasm for learning about Nation's Symbols!

I'm still working on some QR codes for our National Treasure Hunt, but will be introducing close reads for each symbol and have lots and lots of my favorite books ready!

If you want to follow along with our PBL unit,  I'll post updates on my blog!

 Here are some of my cuties from last year's exhibition!

My little firsties were docents for our National Symbols Museum!  It was so cute and I loved their exhibits!   The kids really learned about each symbol, practiced with each other and were poised and ready to be museum docents! The parents came through our museum and asked questions about each exhibit!  It was awesome

If you're planing a National Symbols Unit, you might enjoy this unit!  It has a little bit of everything and is on sale February 8-10!  

This bundle includes:
Memory Match Centers Game - Students match symbol and facts
Close Reading Procedures and Marks Anchor Chart
Close Reading paragraphs for 8 symbols 
Vocabulary pages for 8 symbols
Comprehension pages for 8 symbols
Informational Writing Activity
Fact or Opinion Page
NWF Game - Themed with National Symbols - Great for Dibels and Aimsweb practice
Fix It Sentences - Students practice handwriting and using writing conventions.

Thanks for stopping by Classroom Tested Resources!  Hooray for 3 day weekends!  It's right around the corner... :)


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