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27 March 2016 / Leave a Comment
 Vowel Sound Assessment
I have a few reading assessments for you! These vowel sound assessment sheets will have your students squealing with delight as they move along the path reading sounds. These sheets are engaging for the young ones and easy for you to assess.
The assessment sheet will help you record students' progress throughout the year. You'll be able to see and show growth for students knowing their sounds.

We all know students need to know at least some of the sounds in our English Language.  Some of our words can be sounded out especially the little words like; at, in, on, cat, and spot. Knowing vowel sounds are also helpful when chunking words together. They may be able to recognize a vowel team like ee, ay, or ou in the word they are chunking. Teaching the most common vowel sounds are beneficial too. These assessment sheets have only the most common sounds. Not all the vowel sounds are included. These assessment sheets are great for the K-3 classrooms.

Knowing vowel sounds can help students spell too. If trying to sound out a CVC word, the sounds will help them tap out the word and be able to spell it.  These vowel sounds can also help with word families like; at, an, en, in, ip, ot, or un,

Getting students to memorize these sounds can be beneficial to reading. These assessment sheets can help students do that.  

 HFW Assessment
Another assessment to help with reading are the high frequency words. We all know that not all words can be sounded out. Some words we just need to know or memorize. If students read often, these words will be seen over and over again which will help them memorize these words.

This assessment uses the Fry Word Lists 1-300. Use this assessment sheet for keeping track of the words all year long that the students are learning and are still struggling with. These are great for parents to use at home too. They will be able to track their child's progress as well.

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