Earthworms The Best Classroom Pets Ever!

24 April 2016 / 2 comments
I love using Earthworms to teach my students about living organisms. I have created a list for you with 10 reasons I use Earthworms in my classroom. Super easy and super fun!

  1. Earthworms are a great first introduction to caring for a living creature. They don't bark, bite or smell (if properly kept).
  2. Earthworms take very little care. I usually get mine from a bait shop (only because I need larger numbers for my classes) but if you have a good garden spot you should be able to dig up your own. I put them in a plastic tub with some soil and torn up newspaper and a bit of vegetable matter or cornmeal. (never ever put in any protein items...that will ruin your worm experience for sure.) Then I make sure the it is damp...not wet. I like to add soil as well.
  3. They are easy to keep in the classroom and they take up a very little space. You can determine the size of worm bin you want. I have had from a shoe box size to a large plastic tub in my classroom.
  4. They have segments that are covered in tiny bristles. This explains their ability to move through the soil and to crawl on your can feel those little bristles as they move along. Click on the link to see great photos from National Geographic Kids.
  5. They are Earth Superheros.....not only do they bring nutrients closer to the surface of the soil but they aerate the soil as well by tunneling in the soil. They do help your garden grow.
  6. They also contribute to the food chain mostly by being consumed. Take a look at the photos here to see a cute chipmunk snacking on an earthworm.
  7. Earthworms don't bite!! (I know I said this before but it is true.) Always a concern for teachers. They are easy to handle even though they do wriggle around.....that just adds to the fun.
  8. Kids enjoy Earthworms and they think about them...evidence the smart and cute writing that one of my kinder friends brought me the day after our Earthworm Lesson.
  9. Here is a link with a lot of information to help you get started!
  10. You will find that kids that get a chance to interact with any living creature are kinder and more compassionate in their daily lives....and we all know kindness goes a long way!
I hope this post convinces you to invite some Earthworms into your classroom. I would love to hear about your Earthworm experiences or plans. Please share in the comments.


  1. We have composting red worms in our 3rd classroom, They have given us great experiences with composting and food waste recycling practices. And as you said, they have helped our class to be more kind and compassionate. The kids know that moderation is the key for the red worm's success. When the bin was over-loved at one point, too much water led to a situation where our bin started to smell. The kids knew right away something was wrong, we did some research, and changed our practices. All was better 2 days later, but it was a great lesson for them. Thank you for the great blog post!

    1. Charly I'm so glad to hear about your experiences with composting and red worms. It sounds like you are doing awesome things in your classroom!
      All the best,


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