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08 June 2016 / Leave a Comment
More than just games!  Purposeful technology in primary!

Do your students enjoy using iPads and tablets in the classroom?  I know mine do, but I struggle with making sure that my students are using technology in purposeful ways.  Game Apps are great for practicing sight words and math facts, but I have been searching for authentic uses in my first grade classroom!

Last year I discovered Haiku Deck!  It is a free app that enables students to create a slide show and share their learning in a meaningful way!  This particular app has a search feature that identifies key words in sentences and then offers image choices.  Students can also search for images, AND the images are SAFE! Thank.You.Very.Much!

I can allow my students to work independently without worry!    

This year we used the Haiku Deck app to enhance our rain forest animal research! My students chose an animal to research, completed a research organizer, and wrote a rough draft. We edited the rough draft together and then they began the final copy...their slide show! 

In order for the kids to access their own "decks," as well as,  each others, I created QR codes for the classroom.  Students loved using the iPads to scan each others projects! There are many free QR Scanner apps available!

Scan the QR code below to look at one of the student's completed Haiku Deck Presentations!  

I hope you'll give this app a try in your classroom and discover a purposeful and authentic use of technology in the primary classroom!

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