Starburst Candy Fun with the Rock Cycle

24 June 2016 / Leave a Comment

This is a fun activity to include in your rock cycle unit! It is simple to do and the kids love it. I use this activity primarily with fourth graders but it will work with the Next Generation Science Standards for second and fourth grade. If you teach the rock cycle this lesson is a proven winner no matter which grade you teach!

You will need:
Starburst Candy
Parchment Paper
Toaster OVen

Check out the "rocks" in the toaster oven.

Click HERE for all the details.

This is a fun summer activity for families too. A few Starburst can chase away the clouds on a rainy summer day!

Looking for more resources? Check out these.
If you love chocolate, here is another fun candy rock cycle activity for upper elementary.
Teach Junkie has a lot of resources for primary grades and lower elementary students about the rock cycle here.

Have Fun..Do Science,
Sarah at Science is for Kids


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