Using DLTA This Summer and Beyond!

04 June 2016 / Leave a Comment
Reading aloud to students is a great way to make sure they predict and get comprehension skill instruction. The DLTA is a perfect way to help engage students as you read aloud to them!

How do you get students involved in your read alouds? A simple solution comes out in the DLTA (Directed Listening and Thinking Activity). Students remain involved as you read aloud and gain important comprehension strategies all at the same time! I use it with my own children over the summer as we read and then all throughout the school year as needed.

What is the DLTA?

Simply put, it is a way for you to engage your students in a meaningful way through read aloud. Typically, the teacher chooses a book beforehand that would involve a great amount of prediction. The stopping points in the book are chosen based on good spots to predict. Discussion of predictions leads to more predictions and so on. The predictions lead to meaningful discussion and comprehension in other areas as well. A win-win for everyone!

The Procedure

1. Beforehand, the teacher selects a book to read aloud to the class, choosing appropriate places to stop and make predictions or discuss the book.

2. Show the cover of the book to the class and discuss the title. Predict what the story will entail and write those predictions on the board.

3. Read the book aloud to students, showing pictures if there are any, and stopping at intervals to discuss predictions and the story. Write those on the board.

4. Do this a few more times, depending on the length of the book or story.

5. Finish the story and discuss predictions that had been made and any other skill you may have wanted to highlight in the lesson.

When to use it

Anytime, but don't overuse it! It is best used with struggling readers or maybe even to introduce a specific skill. Students really need to be reading on their own and using strategies like this one to enhance reading skills. And the best part is that you can use it with ANY grade level! 

If you would love to get an idea for a great book for DLTA and a freebie, head over to my blog during a summer mentor text blog hop I am participating in. Each post has a book to share and a freebie! Click {here} to head over there! 


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