Alternative to Traditional Bulletin Boards

19 July 2016 / 1 comment

Do you have a love-hate relationship with bulletin boards? I love how bulletin boards can enhance a classroom and I LOVE displaying student work, but I hate trying to get the bulletin board paper up and smooth. Then there is the border that is like doing a puzzle without a picture! That's how I began using my window blinds as a bulletin board.

Here is an alternative to having to deal with hanging bulletin board paper and border. Use the window blinds instead!

Transform the window blinds from boring to bright! Simply use paperclips on the blind slat that you want to hold your item. Since you are holding the paper with paperclips, you eliminate putting holes or taping student work. The paperclips blend in nicely, so they don't distract from what you are displaying. Here is a close up look.... You can barely see the paperclip!

If the item you are displaying is a little heavy or large, I would recommend using 2 paperclips.  For example, we used 2 on the ants pictured below. 

When you are ready to change out the items on display, simply slide the items out of the paperclips. I don't take my paperclips off of the blinds. I already have them spaced out and all on the same slat. This way, I don't have to put any effort into making sure everything is straight or evenly spaced out. Win!

Bonus: Your blinds can still be put down during a drill or emergency situation. I have been doing this window display for years and we've never had any trouble with the fire inspection. 

Are you sick of trying to hang bulletin board paper without creases and so it looks right? Try this alternative bulletin board to save yourself the headache and time!!

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1 comment:

  1. Pam, what a great idea for making use of window space. Your students' art work is precious!
    Burke's Special Kids


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