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03 July 2016 / Leave a Comment

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to engage your students? I put together this quick game, which can be used in many ways and easily differentiated for many different skills and levels. Using a dishwasher tablet container, green duck tape, and some construction paper, I whipped up this little "CHOMP" game. You could call yours whatever you see fit. Now comes the fun part, you can put skills you want your students to work with on cards and put them inside! Make sure a few of the cards say CHOMP on them, when the student draws that card, they have to put all of their cards back in. The object of the game is just to collect as many cards as possible.  

I have to admit that when I saw this container, I instantly started thinking of ways that I could make it into an alligator for my students, and then I started trying to figure out what kind of game I could use it for to keep them engaged in their learning.  Once the dishwasher tablets were gone (many moons later), I got right to work making it into an alligator. Now, I have to tell you that I have also searched this on Pinterest and there are MANY other teachers that had the same idea. I'm not claiming this as my original idea by any means because I'm sure that most primary teachers (or mothers of toddlers) would easily be able to see that this would make a great alligator! Today, I'm sharing how I made mine and the quick games that I use it for.

Like I mentioned, I started out with an empty dishwasher detergent container and green duck tape, but you could just tape or glue green paper around the container if you wanted. Then, I used construction paper to make the eyes and nostrils for the alligator/crocodile. I figured that if the kids tore up the construction paper, it's pretty easy to make another set and glue it on. Also, you will probably be able to cut out better circles than I did!

Next, just use paper or index cards to put skills inside that you would like your students to practice. You can easily have multiple bags or envelopes of cards with the game and different groups of students can use the cards that they need to work on, then put them back in the bag when finished. Instant differentiation!

To play, students take turns reaching in and drawing a card out. Each student reads the card or answers the question. If it's correct, they keep it. If incorrect, they put the card back in.  If they draw a CHOMP card, they have to put ALL of their cards that they have back in. The person with the most cards at the end of the game (when this center/station is over), would be the winner.

Instead of a total DIY,  I have created some cards already for my preschoolers at home, along with some for my 2nd graders that I teach! Click on the picture below for a link to those!

I'd love to hear what skills you decide to add to your DIY Chomp game!


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