Best Back to School Giveaway! Day 3 ~ Win a Teachers Pay Teachers giftcard

01 August 2016 / 2 comments

Today is the last day of our Best Back to School giveaway! We're sharing a few more of our favorite classroom resources, and giving away one more $40 TPT gift card! Make sure you enter the giveaway at the end of this post. You can also visit yesterday's post for a chance to win one of the other gift cards! 

 Root Words Study Bundle

Vocabulary Roots Full Year Bundle

from Chalk & Apples
Grades 5-6
Here's why you'll love this resource:
Vocabulary Roots is a full year vocabulary program based on morphology that teaches common prefixes, suffixes, and affixes. (Vocabulary Roots, Jr. is also available for 3rd & 4th grades.) Jennifer said, "This is an amazing resource! I used this resource for the entire 2015-2016 school year and had wonderful success! I will definitely continue Morphology in the classroom!" Miss 5th says, "I can't even handle all of the amazingness in this! [...] this is seriously perfect. It's clear to see that you spent A LOT of time on this product. It's thorough, organized, and age appropriate. I can't wait to use this next year!"

 Election Jigsaw

Election Jigsaw

from Teaching in the Fast Lane
Grades 3-6
Here's why you'll love this resource:
I love using the jigsaw method with students, because it puts them in charge of their learning. The pack includes the jigsaw chunks, note taking pages, and an assessment for accountability. This Election pack covers election vocabulary without going into specific candidates.

 What if Everybody Did That?

What if Everybody Did That? Literature Activities

from Mom2punkerdoo
Grade 2
Here's why you'll love this resource:
This book is perfect reminding students that their actions have impact. Learning by the Lake said, "This was great for our first few weeks of school. I love how many options are offered for the book, and the way in which the book can be applied through these activities." 

 All About Me! Writing Journal

All About Me! Writing Journal

from Burke's Special Kids
Grades 2-5
Here's why you'll love this resource:
Judy said: "I love this product! I especially like using the bags as part of the book. So creative! This will be the perfect way to get kids back into the school mode and do something fun and creative. Thanks for creating a great resource!"

Addition and Subtraction Color by the Code Math Fluency

School Days Color by the Code

from Second Grade Surprises
Grade 2
Here's why you'll love this resource:
Do you want to make math fact fluency fun? Use these 5 adorable coloring sheets to practice addition and subtraction facts to 14. This is part of a much larger Color by the Code Collection.

 Getting to Know My Teacher Interactive Game

Getting to Know My Teacher Interactive Game

from The Techie Teacher
Grades: 1-5
Here's why you'll love this resource:
It is so important to not only get to know your students the first week of school, but to also have your students get to know YOU, their teacher. Kids LOVE knowing a little bit about their teacher and their life outside of the classroom :) Play this GAME which will also allow you to assess student handwriting and spelling without them even knowing it. 

Math Graphic Organzers

Constructed Response Graphic Organizers

from iTeachStem
Grades: 4-7
Here's why you'll love this resource:
Students struggle when they are presented with a story problem. Whether it is a multi-step problem or a more straightforward situation, using one of these graphic organizers to record their thinking will help students be more successful. I have found these to be especially helpful with my Special Education students. Having a structured way to approach problems gives them a starting point and helps to build their confidence.

 Editable Back to School Presentation

*Editable Back to School Presentation

from Rachel Vincent
Grades: K-6
Here's why you'll love this resource:
This powerpoint is for the 1st day/week of school to use with your students as you teach your Back to School routines and procedures. It is completely editable with multiple color choices so you can customize it to meet your needs! Deborah said, "This is probably the most exciting thing I have purchased on this site. Thank you for making something so cute and thorough. Can't wait for the first day now!"
 Who's Telling the Story

*Who's Telling the Story - Identifying the Narrator

from Ride Away with Mrs. Ridgway

Grades: 2-3

Here's why you'll love this resource:
This is my ABSOLUTE favorite way to practice and/or assess whether students know how to identify the narrator in a passage. My favorite part is that it helps students learn how to pull evidence from their text to support their answers. Plus there's not much out there to supplement teaching this skill.

Here's How to Enter

Enter on the Rafflecopter below. You can get entries for following Classroom Tested Resources AND for finding clues on these featured products. On the giveaway form there are links to each resource on TPT. Scroll down to the end of the resource description and collect a clue word on each page. Put the words together, and you will get an extra entry with today's secret phrase! 

There's still time to enter yesterday's giveaway also! Just go to the blog post from yesterday.

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Thanks for joining us for 3 days of giveaways!
~The Classroom Tested Resource Bloggers


  1. Thank you for the fun "scavenger hunt" type way to enter the giveaway! So neat.

  2. Thanks for a great giveaway, I too loved the way you done the clue words making a bit of a hunt :)


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