Word Work Fun--and a Freebie!!

22 August 2016 / Leave a Comment

Today is our first day of school and I am so excited to be starting my 31st year of teaching.
I can't wait to get started with my new batch of kiddos.
This month we will be focusing on Words so it seems like a perfect time to discuss
one of our favorite stations in the guided reading rotation---
The Word Work Station!
Second graders still need lots of hands on activities to reinforce and retain words and meanings.
I like to give them lots of choices to keep them interested.

The first one I'd like to highlight is from the one and only Kathy Law.  I've been using her products for years now.  My kids love her Slides and Ladders vowel games and play them often at the word work station.

Next, is my Vocabulary Roll Games using the Second Grade Journeys reading series. 
My kids love playing these games each week to reinforce their story words.

One of my more recent additions is by Miss Giraffe and her Secret Words games. 
I'm really looking forward to using these this year.
It's perfect for beginning of the year assessment.
 I'll be using her blends and vowel teams secret words too!

Now for a FREEBIE to use in your guided reading stations! 
I use it every week when introducing vocabulary words.
Students choose a vocabulary word, identify the part of speech, add or take away ending, use the word in a sentence, draw a picture to remind them of the word meaning.

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I hope I've given you a few ideas to use in your classroom this year!
Until next time---Happy word working and don't forget to load up your cart at the TpT Bonus Sale!!


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