Winter Writing Freebie

07 January 2017 / Leave a Comment
This quick project was inspired by this fun picture my daughter brought home from preschool. Isn't it adorable? At first, I assumed it was her version of a snowman...see the hole punched eyes and buttons, carrot nose, and arm? She informed me this was a MELTED snowman. So adorable!

I got to thinking, what could be done with 2nd graders (or just older than preschool kids!) So,  I just whipped up this fun writing template for students to tell how their snowman melted. My idea is to encourage them to think of a unique way that it melted... maybe he went to get his hair done at the salon and the hair dryer melted him!


I've added a small paper plate, turned over to the white side to make this a fun 3-D project. It kind of looks like a paper bowl, but it really is a plate. You could use a bowl too! Truly you could add the little construction paper pieces to the actual writing template without the paper plate if you wanted! Also, you could use crayons and markers instead of construction paper! I would just do it this way with the plates and construction paper to make it a little more engaging for my particular students! :) 

For the free template, click here, I'd love your feedback! :) 


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