Solutions For Spring Fever

23 March 2017 / Leave a Comment
Solutions For Spring Fever
Are you feeling it yet?  Spring fever hits most of us at some point as we head into the final stretch of the school year.  Morale often takes a dip as teachers feel the pressures of testing season, spring conferences, and the mad dash to make sure we have covered all of our standards.
Sometimes all it takes is something simple to help brighten the mood at school. One of my favorites is our bathroom fairy.  Does your school have bathroom fairy yet? If not, why not try taking on the roll? All it requires is printing off a few of your favorite memes and inspirational quotes. Then secretly posting them in your staff bathroom.  Just wait for the buzz when your colleagues start talking about the new signs.  You can change them out every couple of weeks to keep things fresh.  If you can keep your identity a secret your staff will get just as much enjoyment out of trying to figure out who you are as they do reading your motivational signs.  Check out my Teacher Humor Pinterest Board for some silly ideas.
Another easy way to try to lift the spirits of those fighting spring fever is grab your favorite dry erase marker and walk down the hall for a few minutes looking for empty classrooms.  Any room with an open door and no teacher in it is fair game. Simply take a minute to draw cute picture or leave a kind note on the classroom white board.  Emoji faces, hearts or flowers, anything will do.  A quick message of encouragement can go a long way to brighten a teacher's day.
One other quick way to spread some cheer is to notice when your colleagues' students are doing something awesome.  If a group of kids is doing a great job in the hallways, at carpool, or lining up for recess, send a quick text to their teacher to let them know what a fantastic job you think their students are doing.  It only takes a second to send a text, and you can imagine how nice it would be if you were to receive a text from a colleague complimenting your class.  So keep your eyes out and your phone ready.

Spring fever can really take a toll on teachers and students alike so give these ideas a shot to help get everyone through the next few months!  Happy Spring!


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