Fluency Fun and The Peter Rabbit Operetta

16 May 2015 / Leave a Comment

Have you heard of The Peter Rabbit Operetta?  Many years ago, before I discovered blogs, I religiously viewed Cherry Carl's website, Carl's Corner. One of the activities she had a link to, was The Peter Rabbit Operetta by Lucy Jensen.  It is a musical and PERFECT for first grade! We have performed it every year for any friends/family members that can come. Students make their costumes and the scenery.  I do print off the animal masks from Jan Brett.  It is adorable and a huge hit every year!  It was a FREE download here!  Scroll down until you get to the "Peter Rabbit Scrunch" and click on "The Peter Rabbit Operetta" by Julie Jensen at the end of the songs.

This musical is not only fun, but really increases student fluency. The students practice their lines and the songs with expression over and over and LOVE it!
They memorize that entire thing, each and every year!

We do many things to increase fluency in first grade throughout the year. Students play fluency phrases games, perform reader's theaters, work on fluency with an associate during guided reading/Daily 5, read our weekly poem daily, and my newest find...5 Step Fluency by Jodie Southard.  It was a little higher than I normally will spend on a product, but the students love them and they REALLY enjoy seeing their time increase.

5 Step Fluency

We are beginning our fairy tale unit and the students are loving the reader's theaters/raps I wrote. They practice these with a partner during the Daily 5 Read to Someone.  Each fairy tale rap is written for two readers. Reader's Theaters are an excellent way to increase fluency.  

How do you practice fluency in your classroom? We would all love to read your comments and pick up new ideas!


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